Mariner Corporation Limited is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX code: MCX). Mariner has been listed on the ASX since 1986. In the past, Mariner has invested in property, plant and equipment, loan books, agricultural assets, aged care, office buildings, subdivision developments and many other various investment products. It has also been a lessor of plant & equipment.

Mariner has undergone many changes over recent years. The most notable recent changes have been the appointment of 3 new directors from Global Rental & Leasing. Mariner recently announced that it has invested in a 90% stake of a portfolio of plant and equipment rental assets for approximately $11.36 million. This portfolio is managed by Global Rental & Leasing Pty Ltd. These rental assets have positive cash flow and residual value, which will benefit Mariner shareholders in the future.

The new directors are currently reviewing the opportunities in the market to further expand the portfolio of rental assets of which Mariner could invest. Global is Mariners largest investment. Global Rental & Leasing is a leading asset financing company which provides a comprehensive product suite across all industries from small businesses to large corporates.

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